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Pharmacists by trade, Pet lovers by choice.


We have been pet owners for our whole lives. Our household has seen the lot, with family pets ranging from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens and birds. Growing up we loved them all, we wanted to give them all the best, unfortunately we weren't able to afford the entire care that we wished to provide our loved fluffy, feathered and furred friends.

We started experiencing the stress of seeing our family dog get sick unexpectedly and develop a chronic medical condition with costs that weren't planned for. It was hard and heartbreaking to see this... We came to learn and meet many others that were in a similar position or even tougher positions.

We decided to open Pet Care Pharmacy with the goal of giving pet owners of Australia an affordable and convenient option to providing more care to their loved pets. We understand looking after our pets can become expensive, with medical consultations, vaccinations, surgeries and just feeding them can add up.

We aim to help the pet community by trying to provide convenient and affordable option to order foods, medicines and supplements, with the hope that more and more pets can get access to better care.



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Our Mission

Pet Care Pharmacy is dedicated to providing an amazing service for pet owners through a convenient option to access affordable pet medications and treatments.


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About Us

We are a registered Australian pharmacy and all our products and medications are supplied by registered Australian Pharmacists. All our prescription medications are sourced from registered Australian veterinary wholesalers and dispensed by our pharmacists. All products listed on our website are TGA or APVMA approved and registered for use by the Australian Government. 

Our goal is to work alongside vets and pet owners to develop a solid relationship to make sure all animals get the best care they can get. We believe that Australian pet owners deserve to decide where they purchase they medicines, vitamins and supplements from - like they do for themselves - and we aim to be as helpful and provide as much advice as we can.