Anigen Rapid CPV/CCV/Giardia Test (5 Tests)

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  • Anigen Rapid CPV/CCV/Gairdia Antigen (5 Tests) (APCG10)
  • Anigen Rapid CPV/CCV/Gairdia Antigen (5 Tests) (APCG10)


Purpose : Detection of Canine Parvo, Corona and Giardia antigen

Principle : Immunochromatographic assay

Specimen : Canine feces

Materials provided :

  • Anigen Rapid CPV/CCV/Giardia test device
  • Assay diluents tube for CPV/CCV Ag (P)
  • Assay diluents tube for Giardia Ag (G)
  • Disposable swab
  • Disposable dropper

Special Features :

  • Simultaneous detection of CPV, CCV and Giardia
  • One-step testing procedure : Quick & Accurate
  • High sensitivity and specificity

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