Pet Care Pharmacy is now officially open!

We are excited to announce that Pet Care Pharmacy is now up and running! 

After many months of hard work to establish our pharmacy, we are so proud to be able to launch our business!

We started this business with the aim to bring pet owners affordable medication. We have gone through the hardships of our own pets suffering due to lack of knowledge and unexpected costs due to their health. We understand many pet owners can afford to look after their pets, but when suddenly your loved pet is diagnosed with a disease or has a health complication the costs of surgeries, consultations, blood tests, over-night stays and medications add up and can get very out of hand. 

Many pets who are diagnosed with chronic diseases are on medications for the rest of their lives with regular vet visits and checkups. We have seen many pets be put down, clients having to choose to treat one pet over another, pensioners spending a majority of their income to keep their pets alive and healthy. It's not an easy decision but unfortunately a decision many pet owners need to make.

Our mission is to give pet owners the ability to prolong the lives of their pets without having to compromise other pets or their own lives. As humans we get the option to decide where we get our medicines from - we are getting pet owners and their pets that option too. This takes pressure off the vets as many of them are under a lot of stress already, allowing them to focus on examinations and procedures. It provides accessibility, especially living in Australia, many people live in rural and regional towns with easy access to vets.

We hope to be of a lot of help to many pet owners and so happy to start this journey with everyone - stay tuned for our upcoming blogs as we bring awareness of pet health, pet diseases and advise on pet care tips! 

Love the Pet Care Pharmacy team!

17th Jan 2019 Pet Care Pharmacy

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