Dermaclens Spray 500ml

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Promotes healing and regeneration of tissue. Aids in the removal of dead tissue and debris from wounds. Use for treatment of wound and skin disorders in cattle, horses, dogs and cats.
  • Contains propionic acid 17.5mg/mL, malic acid 7.5 mg/mL, propylene glycol 185 mg/mL
  • Propionic acid and malic acid are chemical debriding agents that remove scab and necrotic tissue, coagulum and debris from wounds and skin lesions
  • Ideal for use on granulating wounds to assist in debridement; can also be utilized in stagnant wounds to re-stimulate granulation and promote healing
Directions for use (spray): Use generously by jet spray on fine mist setting to remove imbedded dirt, grit or coagulum from area. Leave residue of solution on the wound to promote sloughing of dead tissue.
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