Dog Rocks 600g

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Save your lawn from urine burn patches with Dog Rocks! By placing them into your dog's water bowl, it can help stop burn patches on grass which are caused by your pet taking a pee. Dog Rocks filter out impurities from water such as tin, ammonia and nitrates. Dog Rocks give your four legged friend a cleaner source of water, while eliminating urine burn on grass this will result in the stop of those nasty burnt yellow patches on your lawn.

Remove all Dog Rocks from the pack and rinse.

Fill your dog's water bowl with no more than 2 litres of water.

Add all rinsed Dog Rocks from this pack into your dog's water bowl. Dog Rocks are a 100% Natural Australian product that will save your lawn from those nasty burn patches that your Dog's urine can cause.

  • No More Urine Burn Patches on Grass
  • 100% Natural
  • Your Dog Can Save Your Grass!
  • All Natural Minerals, No Chemicals - Straight from the Earth
  • Naturally Occuring Paramagnetic Igneous Rock

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