Droncit Dog and Cat Tapewormer

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Droncit is non-toxic and is well tolerated by dogs and cats. After administration the Droncit is rapidly absorbed, mainly from the duodenum. Maximum blood levels occur one to three hours after administration, and are undetectable within 24 hours. Droncit acts extremely rapidly against tapeworms, probably killing them by direct contact. The dead worms are usually digested and hence are not seen in the faeces. There is no purgative effect.


  • Powerful - 100 per cent efficiency against all species of tapeworms including the hydatid tapeworm and the zipper tapeworm.
  • Convenient – No need to fast animals prior to treatment.
  • Economical – Maximum efficiency and safety with a single oral dose.
  • User Friendly – The safety of Droncit means that it is virtually non-toxic and administration of the drug is free of undesirable side-effects.
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