Enisyl-F Paste 100ml

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Enisyl-F is a lysine-based supplement developed specifically for cats. Containing L-lysine, this paste can be used to help support your cats immune system and reduce the recurrence of cat flu. Studies demonstrate that L-lysine supplementation in cats infected with FHV-1 (Feline Herpes Virus, the virus portion responsible for cat flu) can reduce both symptoms and viral shedding. As a highly palatable paste, this supplement can be given directly by mouth or onto the food.

  • Nutritional supplement containing L-lysine
  • Developed specifically for veterinary use
  • Helps support the immune system and reduce the recurrence of cat flu
  • Palatable paste, can be given into the mouth or onto the food

Directions for use: For cats, give 1 to 2mL twice a day. For kittens, give 1mL twice a day, or as recommended by your veterinarian. Enisyl-F is very tasty and is usually readily accepted by most cats. It may be applied directly in the mouth, into the food, or on the nose or paw where it may be licked off. Replace cap securely on the tip of the dosing pump after use. Store in a cool place.

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