Flyaway 500mL Spray

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Flyaway is formulated to provide sustained insecticidal activity with long term repellency to control insects on horses, particularly in areas such as stables and floats. Can be used directly on the animal and may be sprayed around stable areas, inside floats or trucks and on rugs and equipment.


  • Fast knockdown and repellent for bush flies, house flies, stable flies, midges, and sandflies.
  • Sustained effect which makes it more economical to use with less applications.
  • Use on horses and multiple surfaces.


  • Fast repellent and knockdown of bush flies, house flies, stable flies, midges and sandflies.
  • Strong enough to apply to surfaces, while being gentle enough to apply directly to the animal.
  • Aids in the prevention of Queenslan Itch.
  • Repels sandflies and reduces their biting which may cause hypersensitivity, hair loss and itching.
  • Contains lavender oil which gives the product a pleasant smell.


  • Lightly spray the animal from head to rear for a few seconds. Use twice daily in severe infestations. Spray animal sheds and any place where flies and insects settle. Respray as necassary.
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