Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription FAQs


    No. Unfortunately we legally require a written prescription issued by a registered Australian vet so that our pharmacists are able to supply you with prescription medications. Please note that any pharmacy in Australia will legally require a prescription to be issued to be able to supply you with any prescription medication.

    The prescription will indicate the drug, strength, dose, dosage form and duration as well as the pet and owners details. We are required by law to have the original signed hard copy prescription to be able to supply you with the medication.



    Unfortunately clinical notes, photos or labels are not valid for us to supply prescription medications off. You will be required to go to the vet and request a prescription from them so that we are able to supply you with the medication.



    If your vet will not supply you with a prescription it may be best to kindly ask why the reason may be. If they are concerned in regards to the legitimacy of our pharmacy and the medication that is being supplied, they can contact us directly and speak to one of our friendly pharmacists who can provide them with all our registration details and reassure them of the quality of products and service we are providing.

    If your vet or vet clinic refuses to supply a prescription, unfortunately you may need to seek out another vet.

    If in the case you are unable to get access to a vet for whatever reason, you could possibly seek a mobile vet to come to you or an onlinel vet. They should be able to provide you a with a consultation and if they deem medication suitable, may write out a prescription for you if they wish.

    Unfortunately we are unable to recommend vets - if you are having trouble finding a vet who is willing to write out a prescription, it may be best to call vet clinics around your local area prior to going in for a consultation to determine what their consultation and prescription fees are and to determine whether they are happy to issue prescriptions.



    When initially placing your order you have a few options to send through a copy of the prescription to us:

    3. SENDING A PHOTO VIA SMS TO 0468 614 344


    Once you have sent through a copy of your prescription, you will be required to post the signed original hard copy prescription direct to our pharmacy to keep in our records.

    Original prescriptions can be posted to the following address:

    40/2-4 PICRITE CLOSE,

    This will depend on what the vet has written on the prescription itself. If the vet has issued repeats, you will not be required to send through a new prescription until the script plus the repeat supplies are completely exhausted. If there are no repeats, then the prescription will only be valid for one dispensing.

    You can speak to your vet about whether they believe supplying you with repeats is suitable - this will vary depending on the vet, the pet's condition, the length of treatment, where they are in the pet's treatment regimen as well as the individual vet clinics policies.



    Legally prescriptions are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued, unless stated otherwise, or until the repeats or entire supply have been used up. Please note some prescriptions in Australia may only be valid for 6 months depending on the nature of the medication and the scheduling, which is determined by the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons (SUSMP).



    If your vet has issued repeats on your prescription, we offer a service where we can keep your prescription on file so that we are able to dispense from them for your future orders. This means when you are running low on your medicines, you can place your order and our friendly pharmacist will match up your prescription with your order. We automatically offer this service to all our customers - if you would like your prescription back, we are more than happy to post these back to you.



    If you are unsure of how many supplies you have remaining on a prescription, you can always contact our pharmacists who will be able to let you know what you have remaining on file. Alternatively, your dispensing label will indicate how many repeats are remaining. This can be located on the bottom right hand corner of the dispensing label located on the bottle/box of your pet's medication. 


Ordering and Shipping FAQs


    Once an order is put through, it generally takes us 24-48 hours to process your order for you. If there are any issues with your order we will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible

    If your order is urgent, please give us a call on 02 9896 5885 so we can advise you on the stock availability as well as approximate time for your delivery to arrive.



    Our standing shipping rate is $7.95 for standard postage under 500g.

     Shipping will vary depending on how heavy your parcel is, where you are getting your parcel shipped to and the shipping method you decide to use.

    Orders over $99 are eligible for FREE* standard shipping. Please note this is valid for orders under 500g. Any orders over $99 and heavier than 500g will however receive a $7.95 discount on their total shipping cost. 



    Once a prescription item leaves our pharmacy, by law they cannot be resold. As such, we cannot process refunds for any unused medicines once they have been dispatched. Any medicines returned to us are disposed of in an appropriate manner and unfortunately a refund cannot be issued.

    Please consider this when making the decision of what quantity of medicines to order as these cannot be returned for a refund if no longer needed.

    If you no longer require your pet's medication you also have the option of taking it to your vet or local human pharmacy for proper disposal.



    Yes, you can pick up your order from our pharmacy which is located in metro Sydney in New South Wales.

    Our pharmacy address is 40/2-4 Picrite Close Pemulwuy NSW 2145

    We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm. We have on-site parking available to our customers and we are located within the Gateway Estate. We are located 2 minutes just off the M4 Western Motorway just off the Prospect Highway (Blacktown) exit.

    Please ensure you contact us prior to coming to our pharmacy so we can ensure we have the item in the pharmacy for you and can have the item reserved for when you come in.



    All parcels shipped will automatically be marked as signature on delivery. If you would like the driver to leave your parcel without a signature please note this in your order comment. You may specify where you would like to parcel placed if needed and the driver will do their best to follow the given instructions.

    Please note if you are not home upon delivery and your parcel is marked as signature on delivery, your parcel will be taken to your local post office.



    If there is an item you are after, you can contact us and we will see whether we can specially order the item for you.


General Enquiries


    At Pet Care Pharmacy we believe that owning and looking after our pets should be affordable and cost effective. We pride ourselves on being competitive with our pricing and believe that the markups vets have on their products and medications are way too high.

    Being a discount animal pharmacy, we work on low overheads and purchase our medications in larger amounts than most vet clinics, thus we have better buying power, allowing us to provide our customers with the best price possible. We work hard in negotiating the best prices with our suppliers and aim to deliver the savings onto our customers.



    We source our medications from the same suppliers who supply direct to the vets. If you have ordered the same brand of medication, we can guarantee you the medication we supply is from the same manufacturers and are the exact same medication from your vet.

    For some of our medicines, we try to offer alternative or generic brands where possible. If you would like to know if there is generic brand available for your medication, please feel free to contact our pharmacists and they will let you know if there is an alternative brand available.

    All our products are registered with the Australian Government and are TGA or APVMA approved.



    We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm.