Hexawash 5lt

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Hexawash is an antiseptic and antifungal wash effectively cleans skin and hands against a wide range of bacteria and fungi with low toxicity and with little or no residual resistance. It is bacteriocidal – causing damage to cell membranes. Chorhexidine solutions have the longest residual activity, remaining chemically active for 5 to 6 hours.

Direction For Use

Undiluted – Place 5mL into previously wet hands and forearms and rub, being sure to cover all exposed areas with foam. Clean fingernails with a brush. Pay attention to between fingers and forearm. Repeat and wash for 2 minutes before surgery. Rinse and dry with care.


Used for removal of bacteria from skin and hands prior to surgery. May be used for wound cleansing, superficial abrasions and infections and for routine cleaning of theatres, surfaces and equipment to avoid cross infection. Hexawash is not affected by the presence of blood and other organic material.


Do not use in body cavities. Avoid eyes and ears. Do not mix with soap or other chemicals. Deafness can result from its use in the auditory canal. Do not use if there is known hypersensitivity. Hexawash is inactivated by hard water and non-ionic surfactants.

Presentation & Pack

Solution: 5L.


Store below 30°C (Room Temperature). Protect from Light.

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