Hills Prescription Diet Canine Brain Aging Care B/D 7.98kg *OUT OF STOCK*

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Hill's Prescription Diet B/D is a dog food for senior dogs. It supports healthy ageing and aims to maintain healthy brain function for an alert and happy dog.

As your dog ages, it's natural for some things to change. He may start greying around the muzzle and might not be as physically active anymore but his brain function and alertness should still be present. This food benefits ageing dogs in the following ways:

  • Clinically tested to support both learning ability and memory in older dogs.
  • Antioxidants improve immune health and help to protect brain cells.
  • The levels of L-Carnitine in this senior dog food preserve muscle mass.
  • High Omega-3 acids are beneficial for brain function.
  • Appropriate levels of sodium, phosphorous and protein for heart and kidney health.
  • Includes fruit and vegetables for natural vitamins and antioxidants.
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