K-Vet Vitamin K1 Liquid 30mg/mL 50mL

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K-VET Vitamin K1 Liquid 30mg/mL 50mL

A new, more practical, less voluminous, and more economical approach to the use of Vitamin K1 in dogs and cats. There is 1500mg of Vitamin K1 in a 50mL bottle of K-Vet 30mg/mL.

K-VET 30mg/ml is a far more practical and economical volume of Vitamin k1 liquid to use when dealing with second generation anticoagulant rodenticides, in an easy to use palatable, liquid formulation.

The 5ml graduated syringe gives accurate dosing for your pet given either orally on in your pets food.

Active Ingredient: Phytomenadione (Vitamin K1) 30mg/ml

Form:50ml Liquid

Storage: Store below 30°C


Bodyweight  10kg - 0.66mL Dose Volume

Bodyweight  25kg - 1.66mL Dose Volume

Bodyweight  40kg - 2.66mL Dose Volume

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