kLEO Ear Cleaner 100ml

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The kLEO Ear Cleaner can be used as a maintenance ear cleaning agent for dogs prone to ear issues. With boric acid, menthol, and chlorothymol, this liquid cleans, dries, and has mild antiseptic action. The handy kLEO bottle contains a flexible applicator nozzle, to ensure the dose reaches deep down the ear canal and cleans without causing trauma.

  • Maintenance ear cleaner to reduce debris and keep ears fresh
  • Boric acid, chlorothymol and menthol
  • Dries and cleans the ear canal, with mild antiseptic action
  • Flexible applicator nozzle to reduce trauma and deliver dose deeper into ear canal

Directions for use: Use as directed by your veterinarian. This product is not a treatment for yeast or bacterial otitis media. If symptoms such as head shaking, odour, or scratching at the ears continues, seek veterinary attention for proper treatment. For ear cleaning, angle the nozzle directly downwards into your dogs ear canal and administer one squirt. Massage the ear and gently wipe out residual liquid if a lot remains, as well as loosened debris. Allow dog to shake head to remove extra liquid.

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