Lectade Liquid Concentrate 250ml

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Jurox Lectade Liquid Concentrate Oral Rehydration Therapy. Active constituents per litre: Glucose 278.75g, Sodium Chloride 53.44g, Glycine 38.56g, Potassium Phosphate Monobasic 25.53g, Citric Acid Monohydrate 3.28g, Potassium Citrate 0.75g

An oral non-antibiotic supportive treatment:

  • for diarrhoeic, dehydrated and convalescent dogs and cats, including those suffering debilitating viral disease such as canine parvovirus or feline panleucopaenia;
  • to replace lost fluids and electrolytes in scouring or dehydrated calves, pigs, lambs, and foals.

A suitable first feed for bought-in or stressed calves and pigs.

An aid in the treatment of pregnancy toxaemia in ewes.

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