Lubrithal Eye Gel 15g

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Lubrithal Eye Gel is specifically developed for the lubrication and protection of eyes in animals of all shapes and sizes. 

Lubrithal Eye Gel can be used as an aid in ocular disorders where eye dryness is a concern and is useful in preventing drying of the eye during general anesthesia. 

The carbomer lubricating fluid in Lubrithal Eye Gel provides the eye adaditonal moisture - protecting, soothing and lubricating the surface, making it feel more comfortable. 

Lubrithal Eye Gel is sterile and contains cetrimide and disodium EDTA as the preservative/stabiliser. 

Dosage and Administration 

Apply 1-2 drops (rice grain amount) to the eye as often as required. 


Store below 25 degrees. Lubrithal Eye Gel needs to be used within one month after opening. 

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