Lysine Paste for Cats 100g (Generic for Enisyl-F)

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Supportive nutritional treatment for FHV-1 Herpes Virus. Helps manage symptoms and reduces episodes of Feline Herpes Virus.

Actions: Feline Herpes Virus FHV-1 is a virus common among domestic cats and kittens.

  • Symptoms include
  • Temperature
  • Depression
  • Poor appetite eye and/or nasal discharge coughing sneezing conjunctivitis

Lysine Paste is formulated in a palatable cheese flavour.

Lysine Paste can be used when episodes occur or can be given on a daily basis to reduce the severity and amount of episodes. Relieves the symptoms of Feline Herpes Virus FHV-1

Dosage & Administration: Squeeze tube and administer a 2cm strip to cats paws. Allow cat to lick product off paw. Lysine Paste can also be added to feed. Daily administration will reduce the likelyhood of an episode.

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