Maxiguard Oral Cleansing Wipes (100)

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  • Quick and Easy Wipe Application
  • Neutralized Zinc Formulation
  • Increased Pet Acceptance
  • For Use With All Pets


  • Increased Pet Owner Compliance
  • Resolves Offensive Mouth Odors
  • Helps Remove Plaque
  • Increased Pet Acceptance
  • Up to 100 days of Effective Oral Care

What type of oral cases should I use MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Wipes?

MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Wipes are ideal for controlling halitosis and reducing the deposition of plaque on pets that may not readily accept a toothbrush or for pet owners that have struggled with consistent application of an oral care product. It is perfect for maintaining oral health and extending the time between professional dental cleanings.

What type of oral cases should a different product be considered?

MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Wipes are great for maintaining the mouth. If there are pre-existing conditions such as advanced periodontal cases, pets with stomatitis, after extractions and post-surgery, MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Gel is recommended. This product contains our unique zinc ascorbate compound which assists in the resolution of these most difficult cases.

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