Natural Animal Solutions Ear Clear 50mL

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  • Natural Animal Solutions® Ear Clear has been created to maintain regular ear health and can assist with treatment, prevention, maintenance and cleaning
  • Ear Clear contains only the finest plant extracts and 100% natural ingredients including Aluminium Acetatate solution which is an effective cooling and drying agent
  • Free from detergents, irritating agents and sticky oils. Ear Clear can be used to maintain your pet’s general ear health and comes with a handy dropper for stress free easy administration


  • 5 Star Rated product
  • Maintain overall ear health
  • Ideal for use after swimming
  • Helps to clean dirty ears
  • Great value, save on expensive vet bills


  • Fast-acting, providing quick results
  • All-Natural, premium grade ingredients
  • Free from detergents, irritating agents and sticky oils
  • Easy-Dose dropper for easy administration
  • Suitable for dog’s, cat’s and small animals


  • Liquid solution


  • Perforated ear drum

*Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, seek veterinarian advice

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