Ossol 1L

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OSSOL is indicated as a supplement to the diet of (a) pregnant and lactating bitches. (b) young and growing puppies (especially when milk is in short supply) and (c) an aid in the treatment of Calcium deficiencies in animals.

Active Constituents:

Cal. Chloride Di-hydrate 33 g/l

Calcium Acetate dried 47 g/l.

Cholecalciferol 260mg/l.

Thiamine HCI 230mg/l.

(5ml. of Ossol contains 100mg Calcium and 500I.U. Vitamin D)

Ossol is a palatable calcium syrup with a flavour that makes it ideal for administering to animals of all ages.

The difficulty of calcium absorption (given optimum vitamin D concentrations) is the relative insolubility of most calcium salts. The high soluble calcium salts contained in Ossol plus Vitamins B and D provide good absorption of calcium from the intestine with excellent therapeutic results.

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