Oxbow Young Rabbit Food 2.25kg

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Oxbow Rabbit Food Essentials Young Rabbit, is an alfalfa-based pellet created especially for the specific dietary needs of young or active rabbits. Rabbits are strict herbivores and a diet high in fiber is essential for maintaining good health. Alfalfa hay is used to provide an optimized balanced protein source, containing the amino acids required for the growth and health of your rabbit.

Oxbow Rabbit Food Essentials Young Rabbit can be fed to older rabbits having problems maintaining weight due to age or illness. When supplemented with free choice grass hay,  Oxbow Rabbit Food Essentials Young Rabbit may also be fed to pregnant or nursing rabbits.

Young bunnies have different nutritional needs than those of adult pet rabbits. Oxbows fresh-from-the-farm Young Rabbit Food fulfills those unique dietary requirements.

Always change your rabbits food gradually to allow the digestive system time to adapt. Some rabbits are resistant to change, so time and patience are needed when switching feeds.

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