Parvac 1ml Injection (single)

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The Parvac vaccine will only cover Parvovirus in dogs, and will not cover Hepatitis or Distemper. This vaccine comes as a single dose suitable for one dog. (The Manufacturer no longer makes the 10ml multidose, suitable for 10 dogs) The reason that we are able to sell this vaccine and why you can give it to your pet is because it is based on a "killed" virus.  "killed" virus vaccines can be handled by anybody.  The "live" virus vaccines are only able to be handled by a registered Veterinarian. "Live" virus vaccines include C3, C4 and C5. 

Puppies: It is recommended that puppies are vaccinated at the following ages
1st Vaccine 6-8 weeks
2nd Vaccine 12-14 weeks
3rd Vaccine 16-18 weeks.

Adults/juveniles over 18 weeks: If never vaccinated before, 2 doses should be given 4 weeks apart. A yearly booster should be given to all dogs to maintain adequate immunity.
N/B Dogs receiving their first course of vaccines will not be fully protected until 10 days after the final vaccine of their initial course.

Do Not use in dogs that are incubating an infectious disease; seriously debilitated by another infectious disease, parasitic infestation or malnutrition; or under treatment with immunosuppressive drugs.
Adverse Reactions As it is an inactivated vaccine, untoward systemic effects are very rare and the vaccine may be used in pregnant bitches. The adjuvant will cause a temporary local reaction at the injection site, though this is seldom visible. Careful palpation may reveal a small fibrous nodule in some dogs about one week after vaccination. This nodule will regress, becoming impalpable within two to six weeks. In a very few small, smooth coated dogs, such a nodule may be visible for a limited period.
 Dosage and Administration Give a 1 mL dose by subcutaneous injection in dogs of all ages; gently massage injection site to help disperse the vaccine.

Annual booster vaccinations are recommended to maintain adequate immunity.

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