PAW Coat, Skin & Nails 300g

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Multivitamin chews with biotin, silica & Omega 3 & 6

Paw Coat, Skin & Nails chews that contain essential nutrients such as biotin, silica, zinc, chia seeds, vitamin C & Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin & coat.

  • Silica and zinc for a healthy skin, hair and nails
  • High level of biotin for a healthy coat and nails
  • Chia seed (omega-3) and flax seed (omega-6) fatty acid for a shiny coat
  • Vitamins and minerals to maintain everyday health

To help support healthy skin, a shiny coat and strong nails in dog.

Directions for everyday use:

Dog Weight   -   Daily Chew

0-4 kg                 1/2 chew

5-14 kg               1 chew

15-29 kg             2 chews

30 kg +               3 chews

Each PAW Coat, Skin & Nails product contains approximately 60 x 5g chews.

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