Paw Cosequin Equine Powder Concentrate 700g Glucosamine

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Cosequin Equine is a patented combination of glucosamine, purified low molecular weight (LMW) chondroitin sulfate and manganese.

Cosequin provides the raw materials which are essential for the synthesis of synovial fluid and cartilage matrix, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, and the various modified sugar chains of the glycosaminoglycans. Unlike steroids and some NSAIDs which can damage chondrocytes, COSEQUIN EQUINE is not a drug: it is a true, safe, nutraceutical.

Each component has its own essential primary function in connective tissue synthesis:

Glucosamine hydrochloride - stimulates synthesis of synovial fluid and cartilage matrix, including collagen and proteoglycans.

Chondroitin sulphate - in addition to being the major glycosaminoglycan (GAG) found in cartilage, it provides protection by inhibiting degradative enzymes.

Manganese - must be present in adequate amounts for proteoglycan biosynthesis to occur.

The synergistic effects of all components working concurrently is what makes COSEQUIN EQUINE unique.

Cartilage replenishes its major components by manufacturing and remodelling large amounts of collagen and proteoglycans. This constant and ongoing synthesis process generates extremely large demands for the basic building blocks of both collagen and proteoglycans. If the raw materials are not available in the amounts required, at the time they are required, this synthesis process is impaired, and the cartilage loses the ability to replenish itself.

COSEQUIN EQUINE is designed for daily supplementation. The initial administration period is 4 - 6 weeks. Most horses will respond during this time. If the horse shows little or no improvement in motion after 30 days, extend the initial loading dosage a further two weeks or revise diagnosis of the horse's condition. Add powder to moistened feed. Powder can be dosed orally with a syringe after mixing with water or molasses.

Initial Administration (Loading Dose): Adult Horse 500 kg: 5 level scoops twice daily

Transition Period: Do not lower dose until horse has begun to respond to supplementation. After a good response is achieved, reduce the total daily dosage by one level scoop each week. Gradually reducing the daily dose in this manner will help find the individual maintenance level more easily. Always observe the movement and attitude to ensure that the horse is still comfortable after each transition.

Maintenance Administration: Adult Horse 500 kg: 1 level scoop twice daily Dosage may be increased at any time to maintain desired comfort level, even in days prior to anticipated hard competition. Simply reduce to maintenance levels after competition is finished. If the horse does not respond as well when dosage levels are reduced, simply return to the level which provided comfort previously.

Body Weight   Initial Daily Dose (2-4 weeks) Maintenance Daily Dose # Days per tub on 
Maintenance Dose
Under 272kg 2 scoops in AM and 2 scoops in PM    1 scoop daily  212
272kg-544kg 3 scoops in AM and 3 scoops in PM 1 -2 scoops daily  106-212
544kg-700kg 4 scoops in AM and 4 scoops in PM 2-3 scoops daily  71-106
>700kg 5 scoops in AM and 5 scoops in PM 3 scoops daily  71

Horses taking Cosequin purely for protection (i.e. they do not show current clinical signs of osteoarthritis) may proceed directly to daily long-term maintenance dosing. COSEQUIN EQUINE Powder provides a synergistic action with PENTOSAN EQUINE, for an excellent therapeutic effect. When COSEQUIN EQUINE is commenced in conjunction with PENTOSAN EQUINE injections, COSEQUIN can be used at the low maintenance dose level.

COMPOSITION COSEQUIN EQUINE Powder Concentrate is a patented combination, where each level scoop (3.3 g) contains:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride 1800 mg

Purified LMW* Chondroitin Sulphate 600 mg

Manganese Gluconate

Calcium Ascorbate *Low Molecular Weight

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