PAW Fish Oil 500: Veterinary Strength 200ml **OUT OF STOCK**

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Paw Blackmores Fish Oil contains a concentrated blend of liquid fish oil, a rich source of omega fatty acids, EPA and DHA in a formula specifically designed for pets. With no added artificial colours or flavours, this oil supports the maintenance of general health and wellbeing in dogs. Fish oil can be used as adjunctive nutritional management for joint health, inflammatory disorders including atopy, cardiovascular health, and renal conditions. Omega 3 fats are considered good fats and are only found in oily fish such as herring, sardines, mackeral and salmon.

  • High concentration fish oil
  • Rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA
  • May help support joint health, inflammatory disorders including atopy, as well as cardiovascular health and renal conditions
  • Very high safety profile
  • Easy to dose pump dispenser, can be added to the food

There are many factors that predispose pets to developing osteoarthritis. Obesity and developmental orthopaedic diseases like hip and elbow dysplasia are common causes. Previous trauma to the joint from accidental injury or surgery can also play a role. Once the joint is damaged or placed under excessive strain, damage occurs to the chondrocytes, the cells that create the cartilage that cushions the joint. The damaged chondrocytes release substances that result in inflammation of the joint which begins a vicious cycle of deterioration. Over time the cartilage disappears resulting in reduced mobility and pain. Many veterinarians recommend the use of fish oil as an adjunctive treatment for inflammatory conditions including osteoarthritis.

Skin conditions are often related to allergies. Atopy is a genetically linked complex, and often results in itchy dermatitis among other signs. Strengthening the skin barrier can help barricade the body against allergens, and prevent itchy skin reactions from occurring. Omega oils help strengthen the skin barrier and are often recommended by veterinarians as an adjunctive therapy when treating sensitive skin conditions.

Dosing information: PAW Fish Oil can be added directly to your pets food. Consult your veterinarian for the appropriate dose regime for your pet. A general dose guide is set out below:

  • For osteoarthritis, give 7 pumps per 10kg body weight, per day
  • For renal disease, give 4 pumps per 10kg body weight, per day
  • For atopy, IBD, cardiovascular disease, or idiopathic hyperlipidaemia give 3 pumps per 10kg body weight, per day
  • For maintenance, give 1 pump every second day
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