Petkin Doggy Sunstick Suncreen SPF15

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Petkin Dog Sunscreen Stick for Dogs and Puppies, 14g

Compares to SPF 15 rating for people

Dogs can get burnt just like humans. In particular delicate areas such as the nose, ears, muzzle and pink skin areas can be. The entire skin and coat of light-coloured/white and short-haired/shaved dogs can be at risk from sun damage.

Doggy Sunstick from Petkin give you a convenient and fast way to apply sun protection to your dog. Simply rub all over your dog anytime they're out in the sun, paying attention to sensitive areas.

  • Protects from the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Non-greasy and not sticky.
  • Delicious vanilla-coconut scent.
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