Petosan Toothpaste & Toothbrush Kit (Large)

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Petosan Dental Kit contains a double-headed toothbrush, and tasty poultry flavoured pet toothpaste. The toothbrush has two brush heads, which means that it it hugs the tooth, cleaning the front and back simultaneously. The long handle means that you can keep your fingers out of the way, and reach those back molars effectively!

  • Kit with a double-headed pet toothbrush and 20g tube of pet toothpaste
  • Toothpaste has palatable poultry flavour
  • Toothbrush has a long handle to ensure the back teeth can be reached easily
  • Double-headed to clean the front and back of the tooth
  • Hydrated silica and pyrophosphates to help control the formation of dental calculus
  • Helps make tooth brushing more enjoyable
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