Piss Off! Odour Eliminator 500ml

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Keep your home fresh and clean with an easy spray of Piss Off! Odour Absorber! Eliminates the smell of animal urine, traps odour by absorption.

Suitable for removing odours from carpets, fabrics, floors and much more... Remove excess moisture and allow area to dry thoroughly. Spray area liberally with solution.

Piss Off! Has made removing cat urine odour so much easier. It is an amazing product that traps the odour by absorption. It does not cover up or mask with perfumes. It is bio-degradable and enzyme based. It is an odourless and colourless product that will help keep your house clean and fresh. Australian Made.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Eliminates Smell of Animal Urine
  • Suitable for Most Surfaces
  • Odourless and Colourless

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