Profender For Cats 2.5-5kg Blue (2)

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Profender Allwormer Blue for Medium cats weighing 2.5-5kg.

Profender is an easy to use, spot-on treatment that treats and controls all major gastrointestinal worms of cats including roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm. It also treats and controls lungworm.

  • Treats controls all major intestinal worms of Australian cats including hookworm and roundworm
  • Protects your cat from tapeworm
  • Also treats lungworm
  • Easy to administer topical spot-on treatment

Kittens are first exposed to intestinal worms soon after birth, as they commonly become infested with roundworm transmitted in their mothers milk. Adult cats are exposed to worms through soil in the outdoor environment, as well as from eating small animals like mice who can act as intermediate hosts for some species of gastrointestinal worms. Heavy infestations with worms can cause diarrhoea, weight loss, poor growth and anaemia. Kittens are particularly susceptible to problems caused by infestion with intestinal worms, so they should be wormed more frequently than adult cats. Kittens should be wormed every fortnight from 2 to 12 weeks of age, then every month until 6 months of age. Adult cats and kittens over 6 months old should be wormed at least every 3 months as well as pregnant and lactating queens.

Lungworm is more prevalent in Australia than originally thought, a survey of stray cats found that 16% were infected. Cats contract lungworm from consuming animals infected with lungworm larvae, including slugs and mice. Left untreated lungworm results in damage to the lung tissue causing coughing, sneezing and difficulty breathing. Profender is one of the few products available to protect cats from lungworm.

Safe for treatment of kittens from 8 weeks of age as well as pregnant and lactating queens. Does not prevent heartworm.

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