Pron8ure Professional 2g Sachets - Box of 50

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Pron8ure Soluble is a concentrated water soluble formula containing seven different live microbes, with complementary actions, to improve intestinal microbial balance

Everyday use of Pron8ure helps maintain a balanced digestive system, optimising digestion of feed and enhancing general health. Its registered claims with the APVMA include that it establishes gut microflora in immature animals, and during periods of intestinal disfunction. Because it is a natural product, a horse can't overdose on Pron8ure.

What is needed is used by the body and what is left over is passed through urine.

Each sachet weighs 2g and can be given daily during stressful periods, when additional help is needed to maintain good health.

Pron8ure can be used on all animals. It is commonly used with horses, cattle, pigs, poultry, companion animals and exotic animals.

Pron8ure Paste is also available, and is the easiest way to administer Pron8ure to foals. Foals have a sterile gut when they are born, but they are very susceptible to infection. Pron8ure will help build up their tolerence to infection.

Pron8ure paste is available in a 30g and 100g syringes.

The microbes contained in Pron8ure are safe, non-toxic and residue free.

They will not swab, making them suitable for racing horses.

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