Pron8ure Soluble 250g (Orange)

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Protexin Soluble Powder is a water soluble, multi-strain probiotic that helps to support good digestive function and overall health.

A thriving population of healthy microflora (good bacteria) is essential for healthy digestive function. Stress, disease and the use of antibiotics can disrupt the normal microflora present in the gut, which may contribute to diarrohea and ill health. Protexin Powder contains 7 different strains of bacteria that are proven to be effective and work in synergy to help maintain a healthy microflora population in the gut. Protexin Powder also effectively protects the beneficial bacteria in the formula to allow them to pass unharmed through the crop or the stomach, maximising the amount of live bacteria that arrive in the gut.

  • Contains 7 different strains of bacteria with proven effectiveness and synergy
  • Special protections in the formula help maximise the number of live bacteria arrive in the gut
  • Only nationally registered probiotic approved for administration to pets and birds
  • Helps establish healthy microflora in immature animals
  • Helps re-establish healthy microflora following treatment with antibiotics
  • Helps improve resistance to infectious disease by stimulating immunity
  • May be used as an adjunctive treatment for scouring or diarrohea
  • Suitable for use in puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, birds, small pets and livestock

Instructions for use: mix into water and administer orally, see packaging for detailed dosing instructions. For birds dilute in drinking water according to instructions on packaging and change daily.

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