Royal Canin Mobility C2P+ Dog 7kg

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  • Prescribed by veterinarians as a nutritional management aid to maintaining joint mobility in dogs. 
  • Contains high levels of EPA and DHA omega –3 fatty acids that have been shown to support joint health and mobility.
  • Has enhanced palatability to encourage your dog to consume the vital nutrients.
  • Has a moderate calorie content to help avoid excessive weight gain that can add further strain to stressed joints.
  • Can be used for pets that also require urinary care and support, the dry formula contains the S/O index – this promotes a urinary environment that does not support the development of struvite and calcium oxolate uroliths
  • Formula includes an ingredient complex that contains: Curcumin, Hydrolysed collagen and Green Tea polyphenols – these work synergistically to improve joint health

Indications – may be prescribed to nutritionally manage:

  • Helps to maintain mobility in dogs
  • Helps support the joints after an orthopaedic surgery or a trauma


  • Lactation and growth
  • Puppies under 8 months of age

Feeding Advice:

  • This diet can be fed long term.
  • It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use or before extending the period of use. 

Feeding guidelines

Recommended daily quantities:

  • These guidelines are a starting point and your pet may need more food depending on age, activity level and temperament.
  • It is recommended that a veterinarian\'s opinion be sought before and during the use of this product in order to determine the needs of your dog.
  • Ensure your dog is always provided with clean, fresh water.
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