Topizole Medicated Shampoo 250mL

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  • For use on dogs and cats as an aid in treating non specific dermatological conditions
  • A veterinary approved medicated germicidal shampoo
  • Removes potential skin allergens
  • Effective shampoo base with multifunctional surfactants and conditioners
  • Cleans and conditions coats
  • Perfume and colour free


  1. Wet the animal thoroughly with clean water.
  2. Apply Topizole Medicated Shampoo to the animal and massage into coat. You can then use a sponge to assist lathering and penetration of the shampoo - if needed.
  3. Ensure the Medicated Shampoo is applied around the lips, under the tail and between the toes as these areas harbour causative organisms.
  4. Leave shampoo on the animal for 10 minutes then rinse off thoroughly with clean water.
  5. Repeat twice a week until symptoms clear, then weekly thereafter.

Registered with the APVMA 69088/59938


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