Troy Plaque Off for Cats 40g

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  • Aids in softening and removal of existing tartar build up, prevents new tartar from forming, reducing gum disease and bad breath in cats
  • Maintenance of oral hygiene, preventing tartar, gingivitis and bad breath
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Contains the specially selected seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum and brewer’s yeast
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Use in conjunction with brushing
  • 100% natural
  • Free from additives, artificial preservatives, gluten and added sugar


  • Animals with Hypothyroidism should not be given Plaque Off
  • Plaque Off has not been tested on pregnant or nursing animals use should be avoided during these times
  • Reactions such as itching may occur in animals with algae hypersensitivity or allergies
  • Certain individual animals may react with an upset stomach, reduce the amount given and gradually increase the dose
  • If you know your pet has a sensitive stomach start at a lower dose and increase gradually
  • Use the contents within 8 months once opened
  • For animal use only

Plaque Off for Cats Dosage 

1 scoop daily*. It should be used once daily and can be added to wet and dry food.

*measuring scoop included in the box - 1 scoop = 0.33g. 40g of Plaque Off for Cats will last approximately 120 days. 

Start with a smaller dose to get your cat accustomed to the taste, then increase to the recommended dosage. Sprinkle the product on top of the food or mix it with the dry or wet food once a day. How long it takes before you notice an effect on tartar and bad breath is individual. If the desired effect is not achieved after 2 months you can increase the dose. Aim to return to the recommended dose when the effect has been attained.

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