Troy Protecta 100g

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Suitable for use on dogs and horses, this insect repellent is also an antibacterial cream with UV protection. It works to repel flies and biting insects and offers short-term protection of skin around wounds from sun damage.

Put a thin smear of the cream around the animal's eyes, ears and base of tail or other areas affected by flies. It is also safe to use on exposed skin around open wounds.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Helps to keep flies away from delicate areas.
  • Active ingredients: 50mg/g diethyltoluamide, 50mg/g n–octyl bicycloheptene, dicarboximide, 12.5mg/g di–n–propylisocinchomeronate, 2mg/g pyrethrins, 1mg/g benzalkonium chloride, 35mg/g oxybenzone, 75mg/g octylmethoxycinnamate.
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