Vitamin K1 Tablets for Dogs 25mg (25)

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Vitamin K1 Tablets 25mg

Vitamin K may be prescribed by your veterinarian as an antidote to anticoagulant rodenticide (rat poison/rat bait) poisoning.

  • May be used in the treatment of rodenticide poisoning in dogs
  • Each bottle contains 25 x 25mg tablets
  • Consult your veterinarian prior to use

Most rat poisons work by interfering with the bodys natural clotting mechanisms, of which vitamin K is a crucial component. When the blood is unable to clot properly it can result in severe bleeding (both internal and external) and ultimately death. Supplementation with vitamin K is an important part of the treatment of rodenticide toxicity in pets. Depending on the type of rodenticide a dog or cat ingests, they may require daily treatment with vitamin K for 4 weeks or longer. Vitamin K supplementation is best given at the same time each day, immediately prior to feeding a slightly fatty meal to enhance absorption.

If you suspect that your pet may have ingested rat poison contact a veterinarian immediately for advice.

Do not use this product without first consulting your veterinarian. Follow the advice of your veterinarian with regards to dosage and administration of this product. If your pet is being treated with vitamin K do not stop administering it without consulting your veterinarian first. Do not give this product to pregnant animals.

Please ensure that you have a sufficient amount of vitamin K on hand to cover the shipping time of your order.

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