How to have a safe and enjoyable Easter for your pets!

Easter is a great time for so many reasons - there are long weekends, plenty of chocolates and we get to spend time with our four-legged friends! Through all the celebrations, public holidays, road trips and feasts we sometimes overlook the dangers that Easter can bring to our beloved pets. In this blog we discuss what dangers we face during this festive period so that pet owners can be well-informed and enjoy this great time of the year without the need to rush to the emergency vet!

Here are short and simple tips to take on during Easter:

  • Raisins, grapes and currants which are commonly used in hot cross buns are toxic to dogs and can cause acute kidney failure. We all love to give our dogs a treat and know how sneaky they can be so make sure to keep these out of reach of our furry friends so that
  • Chocolate Easter eggs are yummy but can make your dogs and cats very sick! Signs of chocolate poisoning include vomiting, diarrhoea, decreased appetite and tremors. Keep these to yourselves and away from your pets and make sure during those Easter egg hunts to make sure they're all found - this will prevent you having a sick dog or cat and more chocolate for you!
  • Easter Lilles are one of the most dangerous flowers you can have around your feline friends as they also cause acute kidney failure. Keep these out of your homes if you have cats as they can often be fatal. In some cases, if your cat is exposed to Easter lillies and starts grooming themselves, even this small exposure can be life threatening to them and their health. 

The team at Pet Care Pharmacy would love to wish you all a happy and safe Easter!

17th Apr 2019 Pet Care Pharmacy

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